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WP Toolkit Deluxe for

WP Toolkit Deluxe delivers powerful WordPress plugin & theme management, security hardening, automation, cloning, and backup/restores all from a single user-friendly dashboard.

Take the guesswork, and the legwork, out of managing WordPress. In addition to everything you’d expect, from easy backup and restores to search engine index management and one-click WordPress login, you also get automatic Smart Updates, staging and cloning to easily duplicate or test existing websites, one-click security hardening, and so much more!

The Only Toolkit You'll
Ever Need...

Create Quickly & Easily
Install and configure plugins and themes to customize the look and feel of any (or all) of your WordPress websites simultaneously with just a few clicks.
Experiment Safely
Clone any existing WordPress site to test designs, plugins, or any aspect of your site. Then sync back to your live site anytime you choose.
Enjoy Security
A single click of a button will scan and harden your WordPress websites against your selected security risks. You can also password protect specific sites or pages.
Automate Updates
Smart Updates automatically identifies and analyzes updates for compatibility and safety, then either installs or notifies you of any issue, ensuring your site’s safety.
Cloning & Mass Hardening
Create a duplicate of your live site to experiment with, all while protecting all of your WordPress sites with a single click.
Maintenance Mode
Take your site down while displaying a custom message.
The Most Complete, Secure, and Versatile Toolkit for WordPress
WP Toolkit Deluxe provides everything you need to install, configure, update, and secure WordPress websites. Upgrade to WP Toolkit Deluxe today for as low as $24.99CAD.
Sadəcə.. $24.99CAD/il
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What is WP Toolkit?
WP Toolkit is a management interface for WordPress from cPanel and Plesk that allows you to install, configure, and manage WordPress websites.
How is WP Toolkit Deluxe different?
WP Toolkit Deluxe is a paid upgrade with advanced features including plugin and theme management, staging, cloning, Smart Updates and more.
What is Smart Updates?
Smart Updates automatically tests updates for themes, plugins, languages, and WordPress itself in a completely safe environment at no risk to your live website.
How much does WP Toolkit cost?
WP Toolkit Deluxe is available as an add-on for applicable hosting packages. To see pricing, please login to view pricing for your existing domains, or sign up as a new customer.
How do I access WP Toolkit?
If you have access, you will find a WP Toolkit icon and link in your cPanel dashboard. For those with WP Toolkit Deluxe, you will also find a login link from the hosting service view within our client area.